Introducing Healing Your Self-Talk by Fana Gueye

What is negative SELF-TALK?

Negative self-talk or non-aligned inner dialogue can take many forms. It can sound grounded ("I'm not good at this, so I should avoid attempting it for my own personal safety," for example) or it's downright mean ("I am just a loser!"). It may seem like a realistic appraisal of a situation ("I got a C on this test. I guess I'm not good at math."), only to devolve into a fear-based fantasy ("I'll never be able to go to a good college, and I will end up jobless"). The musings of your inner critic may sound a lot like a critical parent or friend from your past. Basically, negative self-talk is any inner dialogue you have with yourself that may limit your ability to believe in yourself and your own abilities and reach your potential. It is any thought that diminishes your ability to make positive changes in your life or your confidence in yourself to do so. So negative self-talk can not only be stressful, but it can really stunt your success and affect you in some pretty damaging ways; decreased motivation, anxiety, and stress—feelings of helplessness, Limited thinking, Self-sabotage, Increased risk of mental health problems. You end up playing small in all areas of our life. We never feel enough. We expect perfection. We compare and despair. We constantly feel like we need to prove ourselves. We self-sabotage. We feel like a fraud and that we never actually belong. And, no amount of drive and energy will ever compensate for self-sabotage, non-aligned Mindset, and toxic beliefs.

WE ARE OUR WORST ENEMIES. WE GET IN OUR OWN WAY because the desire to love and be loved, belong, and feel valued is universal. It does not matter which personal or professional background we come from. This negative self-talk is not an auditory hallucination. People experience it as thoughts within your head triggered by the fear of not being ENOUGH or feeling like a FRAUD. It is genuinely a UNIVERSAL PROBLEM at the source of all miseries, and it does not spare anyone, not even the rich and the famous.

Why are we our WORST ENEMIES?

Well because our ego does a fantastic job of convincing us we don't have time to focus on what's most important. The work that should be our priority. Radical Loving Acceptance. Unconditional Self-Love. The reason you are behaving this way is that your inner critic or ego is in the driver's seat. According to Michigan State University Extension’s Stress Less Research, a person has 80,000 thoughts a day. Ninety percent of these thoughts are ones we have had before, and eighty percent of these are negative. The way we talk to ourselves defines how we view the world and how we interact with it. What you may not realize is that 95% of your brain function is on autopilot--your conscious mind only drives 5% of your actions. Our thoughts form our mindset and our neurobiology is based on habits and automation.

​The subconscious mind holds our core beliefs in our bodies – the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, others, and life that were programmed at an early age and run the show. You may be surprised to learn that what you actually believe is different from what you think. You may have heard of the phenomenon “neurons, which fire together, wire together”.

For example, the more you practice piano, the easier it becomes to play. If you were abused or neglected as a child or survived through people-pleasing, you’re likely to seek out relationships with a similar pattern without even realizing it. Negative experiences and attitudes you witnessed and internalized during your childhood shape you. That's the reason why some people end up in one codependent relationship after another. It is The reason why women with emotionally distant mothers repeat the same pattern with their own children. It is the reason why so many adult children of alcoholics marry alcoholics. And the reason why people who grew up in violent families are more likely to repeat these patterns – as abusers or victims of abuse. We repeat what’s familiar. This is in part due to our neurobiology. We repeat what we learned as children. We repeat what was traumatizing in an unconscious effort to gain mastery over it or to be in control as the abuser. Those dysfunctional relationship patterns are learned and passed from one generation to the next. And we will probably repeat them until we heal.

The shadow comes from our wounding. Some of these may be conscious, but most of them aren't. The shadow is essentially the part of ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge. It’s the dark side of our personality that is based on envy, greed, compulsion, shame, fear, or other negative qualities. The reason we’re often blind to these parts of ourselves is that we learn from a young age to reject them. We all have one, and it makes us human. Some of our shadow traits may have been inherited, and they all come from our innate human impulse to self-protect and survive in the environment we find ourselves in. But our shadow is not to be hidden as it is somehow just the side product of coping with early childhood drama and pain. And if we want to live full, happy, and inspired lives, we need to look at the masks we wear in order to grow, develop, and ultimately attract more of what we want. The path to your unique, inspired, and authentic life is through your shadow work.

What If I Told You It Doesn't Have TO BE THIS WAY?

That it is possible to attract the life and success that you truly desire. What if I told you that for that type of life, success, and relationship to manifest, you first need to change the relationship with yourself?

I've been where you are now. I've dealt with the pain, the insecurity, the fear, the self-sabotage, and the self-loathing.

I was you, and I, too, felt stuck many times. I used to:

- Have a hard time sustaining work-life balance

- Say yes to the wrong things

- Sometimes wonder whether I was 'good enough' or 'deserving' of the level of success I wanted.

I tried everything. I enrolled in so many courses, and trained in so many modalities. I read self-help books, listened to podcasts, hired coaches, and watched many YouTube videos to find solutions. Don't get me wrong, they helped, but in the end, I could not figure out why I kept repeating the same patterns.

You know I grew up in a very modest but hard-working home, and while they supported me in some ways, I was MASSIVELY LIMITED by others. I was not necessarily destined nor programmed to get into a great business school. As usual, I was the only black person in the room amongst a cohort of 153 students. I was young. I was a girl. I was Black. I had contracted an enormous loan for my business school. I felt overwhelmed; I won't lie. The Impostor Syndrome kicked in, and I was constantly reminded of my difference. When I went to study economics in Italy for an Erasmus student exchange, the principal teacher asked me what I was doing there on the first day of the class. Pretty rude, right? But I guess that she did not understand what a black girl was doing there. So, I looked at her and told her Blues Brothers style, that "I saw the light and entered." Everyone laughed, and she apologized at the end of the course. When I left my very successful corporate Life in sales and marketing at age 39 and transitioned to a so-called less stable and less paid life as a Mindset Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I was not programmed to do that. Fear kicked again. It was against everything my parents taught me. When I decided to leave a very unhealthy and abusive relationship, my anxiety kicked in.

Yet, trusting my inner voices and embracing my fears saved me once more and the real question then became:

- Who are you not to SHINE, to start your own soul-led business (or anything else you feel called to do) and show up fully for yourself and others?

- Who are you not to be gorgeous, brilliant, wildly successful, and joyful?!

Expressing our full potential is not just our right. It’s our responsibility. And it starts with healing our self-talk and accepting and loving ourselves from the Inside Out. I believe it’s our birthright to be unstoppable. I believe we can go from feeling empty, lost, and limited to aligning with our highest expression of our true Selves.

You can replace confrontation with carefrontation. You can listen to your truth. You can honor and accept the beauty and perfection of what is given to you in this lifetime. There is no big complicated life purpose. You are the purpose. Shifting from your conditioned Self to your authentic Self. The WAY, the DESTINATION IS YOU.

You see, I have completely transformed my life from a successful but stressed-out and unhappy corporate lady boss to a super happy Soul-led entrepreneur serving countless people in the process. And I wish you the same transformation. The techniques and modalities I am sharing in this program are the EXACT techniques I have used to get out of my WAY and impact my private clients worldwide, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Inner Dialogue® Therapy is a powerful tool to rewire your brain. It has created abundance, alignment, and freedom for more people than I could ever have imagined. And now, I want to do the same for you and teach you to heal and change your relationship with yourself. So, if you are ready to KNOW & HONOR WHO YOU ARE and to REINVENT YOURSELF, this program is what you need to do and where to start.

Don't just take my WORD FOR IT!


The Course cracked me wide open, brought me face to face with the ego, and opened up space where I can exist in my true essence without the shadow blocking me from my purpose. It changed the way I view my life, myself & the world around me. I completely broke through fear and found my higher self & inner child. The ego is no longer in the driver's seat! Thank you for being my teacher. It truly has changed my life and I am forever grateful.


The Inner Dialogue® changed my life. I can love myself in a way that serves my higher good. I identified as an overachiever, a perfectionist and there was no alignment. Now I have found my truth. I know what to do to get back in alignment. Thank you for being my teacher. It truly has changed my life and I am forever grateful.


We don’t like to look at the darker parts of self, but honestly, how else are you going to figure out who you really are and what you really want? First, you have to identify what no longer serves and what needs to change. That is one of the most powerful things I got out of this course. I was able to identify those parts of self that were not serving me, that were holding me back, or even in some cases sabotaging my best efforts at creating a fulfilling life. Now that I know, everything has shifted and I have the power to stop the self-destructive patterns at the source, and how to change them to create change in my life. I can be at peace with All that I AM.


Going into the course, I really didn't know what to expect. I knew that we would learn about the different aspects of our inner voice like perhaps being a people pleaser or being a procrastinator and what those voices sounded like. However, what I did not expect to get from the course was to go so deep into our ego or our voice of fear so, through the Car light meditations, you really get to dive deep into how complex your voice of fear or voice of Ego is. And, in uncovering that, you really get to take your power back. I just feel like I have control over my life and it's so empowering and it's so great. This not your typical self-help course. You are going to do deep work you are going but if you landed here, you're ready for it. I am excited for you.


It was a really transformational experience. It was the first time that I got to meet my ego and what's incredible is how she guided me on the process. The experience was a big shift for me because I‘ve never thought about ego as a character and that there was a way to work with her, to really get in contact you know, talk to each other, and see how we can have a better life together. Accepting each other and accepting that she's there, and we are living together. This work is amazing. I highly recommend working with her.


One of the things that I learned from this course is that I’m good enough, and I don't have to do things perfectly. This course was a beautiful course, full of magic, full of poetry. It was a really beautiful, quest towards my inner being, my childhood my shadows. I enjoyed every step of the way, and I've made huge progress in my development. I have been able to heal many aspects of my personality. I have been able to manage my ego, to reconnect with my inner child. The Car Lite meditations are a beautiful metaphor for the inner team. It has been very useful to use this tool, to start engaging my inner dialogue. I am very thankful.


I am so thankful to have come across it. I have always been so hard on myself and allowed those mean voices in my head to lead my life and define my self-worth. Now understanding “Ego” and knowing that ‘I MYSELF” have the ability to change this self-talk is so empowering! The Inner Dialogue™ meditations are amazing and will blow you away with their ability to provide clarity and insight into your deepest self. This course has been instrumental in my healing, being able to love myself, understand others around me, and follow the path of true joy. I feel like I am better equipped in life to act upon the true voices in my heart. The truth is this course will change your life in ways you can't even imagine. Amazing to the core!

OWNING your present,
CREATING your future,



Inner Dialogue® is a powerful yet non-invasive, interactive, and verifiable process to rewire emotional and physical blockages backed by brain-based transformational psychology + neuroscience & plasticity + ancient wisdom, to bring about phenomenal and permanent Mindset change fast. As we learned from the Oscar-winning Pixar movie Inside Out, the mind's multiplicity is natural and normal. Many people don't even know that their inner space exists. But we are a WE, and it is ok. It's messy, but not a mess. Inner Dialogue® proposes a new model of the human psyche, an adult version of Inside Out, positing that the human psyche has several internal life forces or parts sculpted by evolution, speaking as our inner "voices," with distinct features, needs, agendas, and emotions. For example, the inner child with its wants and needs. The often angry and fearful voice called Ego or Shadow expresses its opinion, and several other voices such as our Inner Sage. All our inner voices are equally loveable and have a purpose. They represent our subconscious truth. For example, you might be claiming to want abundance while thinking deep down that money is evil or money is not for people like you because you heard your parents repeat it while growing up. Inner Dialogue® essentially guides you to meet your subconscious personality's hidden voices, giving them each a chance to speak. I feel the depth of our inner world is best captured in this quote by Walt Whitman :

'Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I do contradict myself. I am large; I contain multitudes."

More about N'dèye Fana

Fana is an intuitive trauma-informed mindset coach, healer, and spiritual teacher. She is the creator of Inner Dialogue® and specializes in helping her clients reach their fullest potential, find emotional healing and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness to help cultivate a growth mindset and their inner leadership. Before becoming a mentor, facilitator, and healer, she had a prolific sales & marketing career in leading Fortune Global 500, so she understands the pressure of working in a high-stakes environment. As an intuitive and empathic facilitator, she blends shadow work, behavioral & cognitive psychology, neurosciences, and somatic trauma work with intuition, spirituality, and energy leadership into her work for effective and lasting change. She is also a marketing consultant, a writer, a speaker, and a multidisciplinary crypto artist bridging worlds with words, poetry, art, sound & tech. She also leads transformational retreats around the world.

"All of you is welcome here, and I can't wait to help you! "

Just imagine, if you


1) Reflect on your own behavior and the parts you play in your dysfunctional relationships.

2) Heal the underlying trauma wounds through Shadow work and Inner Child healing

3) Master your inner dialogue® and harness your intuition .

4) Release old stories and let go of toxic situations.

5) Embrace your worthiness and feel so good about yourself that others will ask you what you have been doing.

6) Unlock unlimited joy and freedom ship patterns, unspoken rules, and roles in your family of origin.


STEP 1 : Identify Your Saboteur (s)

The Foundation of the work is to separate your beautiful self from the wounded parts of you. The shadow or wounded self is born from the grief, guilt, shame, and pain that has accumulated throughout your life and has become ingrained in your patterns. Deep within you, beneath this conditioned self is something greater – something which you already are but which you haven’t been able to freely show or experience. This is your TRUE SELF. What and who are you at the core? When are you acting from your truth or from your fear? You will discover the MANY MASKS we wear, called the Ego or Wounded -Self Archetypes. I have identified 30 wounded -self archetypes or Saboteurs. Each of these saboteurs originates from a childhood wound. You don't have to spend years in therapy or to spend fortunes on seminars and training because I broke it down for you. You will discover the trigger, the typical statement, toxic effects, the underlying fear, the Inner Child Wound, and the cure for each of these Archetypes.

Discovering The Saboteurs or wounded Ego Archetypes -


  • The Why Meditation
  • The Holy Shadow Meditation
  • The Mascarade Meditation
  • Journaling


You will dive deep into your subconscious mind thanks to Inner Dialogue® and meet your different inner parts to identify and clear your limiting beliefs thanks to powerful Inner child healing and Shadow work. You will have an eye-to-eye conversation with the parts of yourself that you’re afraid of, or don’t even know yet. Your wounded inner child is the keeper of your story of truth. You will discover your inner voices with Car Lite Therapy. (guided meditation + online Self-Reflection Journal). By the end of this powerful process, you will know why you have been repeating the same patterns and what you need to unlearn to move forward.


  • Meet Your Inner Team - Car Lite Meditation + Journaling
  • Heal Your Inner Child- Car Lite Meditation + Journaling
  • Healing Your Shadow - Car Lite Meditation + Journaling
  • Remembering Your Inner Sage - Car Lite Meditation + Journaling

Step 3: Dare your W.A.Y. by integrating the tools to reclaim inner leadership & Alignment

Replace draining self-judgment with energizing self-acceptance and empathy. Practice the Sage Perspective that every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift and opportunity. Become unstoppable by embracing the Path of Loving Acceptance & Ownership of all your inner parts. Switch from Confrontation to Carefrontation. Boost your inner Sage Powers. Turn your Saboteur into an ally. Take full ownership of your life, of your "inner scape", and of the 10 000 voices of fear who make you who you are. Become your own GPS system for your life.


  • Board Meeting Meditation – activate your inner GPS, so you never get stuck in confusion again
  • The Power of Release Meditation– to imprint discipline in momentum
  • Mandala Coloring – Integration through Art
  • Jounaling - Car Lite Meditation

Step 4: Mastering inner dialogue® to heal from the inside out

Chart a NEW WAY and get ready to befriend your wounded Ego and turn her into an ally. You will learn how to master a toolkit of simple & actionable techniques for an unlimited success-orientated Mindset! Release all limitations and turn Your Inner Critic/ego into your best Ally through the Alchemy of Forgiveness. This work is like a roadmap for you to learn how to create muscle memory and a framework and techniques that can be followed, rinsed and repeated for the rest of your life as you continue to change, grow, and expand.


  • Simple Tactics & Daily Strategies– to tame your inner critic tantrums!
  • From Ego to Holy Shadow – A path of Self-forgiveness
  • Build up Your Mask of Truth – Art Therapy
  • Journaling - Car Lite Meditation


Q&A Call with author

Bring your questions about the course to the Group call! Everyone, from new students to past students, is welcome to ask questions. It will happen monthly on zoom, and calls will be recorded and shared with the students.



Inner Dialogue® allowed me to heal when I thought it was not possible. Fana will give you all the tools to quickly put a name, face, and identity to the parts of yourself that need to be understood, embraced, and healed. It was empowering to easily get this insight into why we hang on to our ego or feel unable to be without it. Inner Dialogue® is a genius healing modality that takes you through meeting your inner voices and finding out who is driving the car of your life! You get off the hamster wheel and start living your BEST life. I would recommend this for everyone to do.

Arame Sene ⎮ CEO ⎮ SENEGAL


I had the opportunity to work with N'dèye Fana. She is an amazing coach. It led me to further transforming how I show up in my relatioships through shadow work. The Inner Dialogue® session helped me dive deep into the subconscious beliefs I still carry around my stories as a child. Our session greatly impacted bringing awareness to, process these beliefs, and reprogramming them into new positive and empowering perspectives. Fana is a deeply tuned in and compassionate guide to embark on these important journeys together. She holds the safe space so powerfully and is fully in tune with the energy that needs to be processed. She helps to create strong personal confidence and the desire to face any fears with a trusted and capable copilot like Fana in the session. She’s taken me deeper than I have ever gone before in all the work I have done before.

Ezra Mitchell⎮Coach and Host ⎮ Malaysia


Fana is a wonderfully compassionate teacher. She helps uncover blockages and things that are holding you back from what you truly want in life so that you can grow and heal into your best and most authentic self. Everything she shares has been so helpful to me. I loved your course. It was so so helpful. It helped me become more aware of so many things and helped me release a lot of negativity, criticism, and limiting beliefs. I actually didn’t know it was possible to achieve so much through an online course and I am so happy I was able to take this class. I feel like I have much more clarity and a lot of opportunities have been showing up recently that I probably would have been too fearful to take but now I am much more interested and entertaining new ideas. There is definitely still some fear but I am learning to quiet the fears and shine brighter! I am so glad the universe led me to her somehow! She is magical and inspiring! Thank you Fana!

KAREN H.⎮Entrepreneur ⎮USA


I highly recommend taking the course. This course helped me to quite my inner critic and connect to my power. I have gained a strong belief in myself and my capabilities after taking this course. Now I feel that I can take on anything!

Kassidy Mickelle ⎮ Mindset and Identity coach⎮USA


This course has been one of the most transformative things I have done for myself. Learning about the different archetypes of inner critics was eye opening and really helped me understand myself better. The most helpful aspect of the course for me were the Car Lite meditations which allowed me to connect and heal parts of myself that I'd forgotten. After the course I physically have felt lighter and there is a wonderful shift that has occurred in my everyday presence. My self-love is stronger now. Thank you Fana.

Becky⎮Yoga Teacher ⎮USA


This meditation was a revelation and will change the course of my life and put me back together. It shows you what unwittingly drives our lives. I am grateful beyond words to have found out the truth. I feel freer, more informed and empowered and more in control of my life. The journey is informative, then interesting, and then becomes a revelation and a wow experience ... Everyone should do this meditation.

- Claire ⎮UK


Before this course, I was depriving myself of pleasure, fun, and adequate rest and self care. I would go through cycles and patterns in and out throughout the years where I would do well and then sabatoge and place myself in situations where I neglected myself and ignored my needs. I wasn't aware on a deeper level the archetypes playing out in me really. This course helped me clearly see my patterns more and the stories that were having me repeat my past. It helped me be more aware of my inner critic through these archetypes. This course helped me do the deeper soul work to merge and become one with my Being as well as commit to my highest good. Committing to this course symbolized committing for my highest good and it opened up doors in moving forward. It also meant that I was ready to master my inner critic because that was what I set my intention for in this course. This course helped me free myself more to be myself. Now I feel grateful that I am moving forward more, slowing down to just be here and I look forward to loving myself in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The investment in this course is worth it. I highly encourage you to invest in you.'

Artemis Rose⎮Licensed marriage&family therapist⎮USA


First of all, Fana is an amazing teacher and a compassionate and incredibly sage woman. No student is left alone, no question is left unanswered. This course and especially the Car Lite Therapy is awesome and can be a life changing eye-opener. But it is not for the faint at heart. You have to go all in and be ready and willing to face your inner bully. When you do, so many blockages that constrict you, depress you and prevent you from leading the life you really want clear away for good. I am very grateful for everything this course has taught me.
Thank you ever so much, Fana!!!

Nina. E.│Germany


I think this Course was the barge I was waiting for as I floated out there in the ocean of life feeling very weary and alone. Exhausted too. It just brought such love to my heart. The archetypes that have resonated the most are the guilt tripper. The Impostor. The Paranoid. The Drama Queen. The Control freak and Escapist one ... What became clear was that I was living in a lot of fear. The course helped me to see the coping behaviours. This course is a journey to look at the shadow. I think we should all be proud of ourselves for saying yes to such a journey because it is saying yes to the life I deserve.


Who should take this COURSE?

- People who feel stuck or stagnant in their healing process during a life transition (divorce, grieving...)

- Anyone getting triggered easily, and it could be because of rejection-sensitive dysphoria or rejection wounding. Basically, if things, situations, and people in your life trigger you, these are all clues to the parts of yourself that need more love, illumination, and acceptance.

- Anyone finding themselves in the same situations over and over again that they're unhappy with.

- Anyone who has negative self-talk or toxic beliefs regarding their body image, value, purpose, or identity

- Anyone who feels emotionally stuck, trapped, lost, blocked, or unable to move forward

- Anyone dealing with grief and loss and willing to get in touch with their true feelings, accepting what is.

- Anyone stuck in the stress, freeze, fight, fight vicious circle.

- Anyone dealing with co-dependency or toxic relationships including addicted or abusive parents

- Anyone willing to work through trauma, including childhood trauma, guilt, shame, and forgiveness.

- Anyone ready to overcome toxic patterns by looking under every rock of your life (career, friendships, familial relationships, romantic relationships, relationship with self) and take an inventory of truth

- Anyone struggling to create healthy boundaries and to speak their truth

- Anyone who feels unworthy, not enough, unlovable or invalidated

- Anyone knowing deep down they are meant for more but has no idea how to get there

- Anyone with a desire to stop avoiding and self-numbing and wanting to commit to living a life of truth

- Anyone needing encouragement and guidance to build self-love, compassion, confidence

- Anyone who wishes to turn fear into unstoppable power and clarity

- Anyone who wishes to connect to the Deeper Truth of who they are — and Finally Get on with your Life's Purpose!

Who is it NOT FOR?

- People who don’t want to be responsible for their lives.

- People who want a magic fix, rather than lasting change

- Individuals who are unwilling to look into the deeper patterns in their childhood, family system, and life.

- People who want a quick fix, rather than lasting change

Here's what you can LOOK FORWARD TO

Included in this program

++ Immediate Access++

(You'll be able to access all modules as soon as you sign up!)

++ Daily Journaling Prompts & worksheets++

(Journaling allows you to deep dive into your mind and to run into the truth of who you are.)

++ Guided Meditations, visualizations, and inspiring quotes ++

(Discover the Power of Inner Dialogue®)

++ Analysis of the main Wounded Self Archetypes++

(Identify Your main Saboteurs. Are they the Perfectionist, the Conformist, the Impostor, the People Pleaser, the Savior, the Control Freak, or the Escapist...? )

++ Inner Child Healing and Shadow work ++

(Clear blockages and limiting beliefs coming from conditional love, societal norms, religion, mother wound...)

++ Lifetime access ++

(Access to a relevant program you can revisit anytime)

++100% Money-Back Guarantee ++

(Try risk-free for 7 days before deciding)

++Mobile-friendly ++

(You can take the course anywhere from your mobile, tablet, and desktop!)

++Payment plan available ++

(Choose the most suitable investment)

You have questions, I have ANSWERS

When does the course start and finish?

Your course starts when you sign up and ends 21 days after, but it really does never end! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Ideally, we recommend that you do the lectures and assignments as they arrive daily to you to keep the momentum (5 lessons then 2-day- break, then 5 lessons and a 2-day-break....).

What happens when I order?

You will receive a Welcome email containing login information to get immediate access to your course.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! Try risk-free for 7 days. If you love it, you’ll start seeing the results within days. That’s more than enough time to try around 25% of the course and evaluate the results for yourself. We’re confident you’ll love what you see. If not, contact us in the first 7 days of the course and show us your work, and if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll process a refund immediately.

How is this course different from other personal growth programs out there?

The key lies in N'dèye Fana’s remarkable approach to therapy and healing, which she calls the W.A.Y. Framework and Inner Dialogue®. It provides a common operating framework system. You learn tools and you have them for life. All personal and professional development become applications of the Inner Dialogue® system. Whether learning to manage conflicts with your spouse, your colleagues, manage difficult times, or perform better under pressure, you’d apply the same exact operating framework system.

This dramatically simplifies personal and professional development. Tools that you can apply to any situation. It works 100% of the time. The concepts are phenomenal as they are a true revelation in the way to think and handle work and life’s challenges.

It’s time for YOU TO LEVEL-UP & create the life and business you love. It’s time to create a container for your wealth and become the alchemist of your own fate. Trust yourself. Yes, you can have a successful soul-led business without living in fear of rejection, scarcity, and lack, and you can fall deeply in love with yourself in the process.

Is Inner Dialogue® safe? How does it work?

As you experience this process, Inner Dialogue® is simply making you aware of your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself on a core level. This awareness is like bringing a high-powered floodlight into a dark room. The power of your light is increased as you face your inner demons. It makes it easy for you to choose the mental model you want in life and discard the ones that aren’t serving you in any way. You are the one who’s making the changes. Inner Dialogue® and the Car Lite therapy™ make it 1,000 times easier for you.

Why is this course structured as an online video learning and home study course?

Integration. This is a very extensive course containing information that is brand-new to most students, even those with experience in multiple energy healing modalities or the intuitive arts. It is impossible to properly integrate and PRACTICE this material over the course of three or four days in a seminar or workshop-type setting. By having lessons released DAILY, you not only have time to integrate the information and put it into practice, you'll also not end up with "shelf help."

Support. Most students undergo an intense process of personal transformation, which can be both uplifting and challenging at times. That's why the whole community gathers monthly for Q&A calls that are a consistent source of inspiration and ongoing learning.

Accessibility. You will not have the inconvenience or expense of traveling to study this modality. Akasha Soul Healing™ Practitioners live and practice worldwide. You also don't have to wait for months for the next class to start!

Consistency. While everyone is on different schedules, it's important to move through this course consistently. This work has the potential to change your life in only nine weeks ... as long as you DO the work. It's easy to spend a weekend immersing yourself in new material, only to go home and never use what you've learned. By moving through the course day by day, you will make Inner Dialogue® a part of your life and work from the very beginning.

How is the Course structured?

We can break old patterns, but the more you’ve done something, felt something or thought about something, the stronger those neural connections are – and the harder they are to break. When we talk about “rewiring your brain” we really mean forming new neural connections so that new thoughts and behaviors become the norm. When you choose to respond differently or think differently, you’re creating new neural pathways and with repetition, they will become the preferred and comfortable ways of acting and thinking. It is not Magic, and you can do it in 21 days. We will rewire your brain using Inner Dialogue® and W.A.Y. Coaching Model™.

The Course is 4 weeks and 21 daily lessons. Each week you will get 5 lessons and enjoy a 2-day weekend break. Each day, you’ll go through a series of coaching sessions and exercises, all accessible from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Each day consists of:

1. Audio or video

2. Supporting materials, including written explanatory text and homework

3. Journaling/assignment

Of course, go at your own pace. Most people complete one lesson in 20mn to 1 hour (course, meditation, and journaling). You can also use the 2-day weekend break to catch up. Everything has been done to make this course as lean, fun, and easy-to-use as possible – so it becomes a highlight of your week, not a chore.

Is there a reason I should not take this course?

This course is appropriate for all ages, genders, and anyone who wants to build new confidence, become empowered, and reconnect to one's passion and sense of self. It's also a good tool to understand how the mind works, how it is paramount to feel your emotions, and how energy communicates in your body system. Ultimately this course teaches you to become the master you forgot you are.

But there’s a catch, you must be willing to put in the initial effort to rewire years of mental habits that don't serve you. Discipline is important. What will heal you over and over is shutting the world out, and tuning into your individual truth, and then taking immediate action & total responsibility from that space. This is for people who want to live life fully and don’t want to waste one more day stuck.

This isn't for those who only want to 'dip their toe in the water.' If you’re looking for a magic solution and aren’t willing to do the work that’s necessary to get the results you want, or if you aren’t committed to improving your life, please do not take this course. You MUST be committed to DO THE WORK because you are the CEO of your life, and you are the one you’ve been waiting for. You will experience a lot of magic, but it simply does not work like magic. You will have to dive deep, commit to this journey, and expect ripples in your career, love life, and relationships. You will heal at all levels.

Can I take a break if I need to?

Of course. A program is no good if you are overwhelmed and find yourself beating yourself up. The modules may open up once a day, but you can take as long as you’d like to soak in all the goodness.

Should we participate as couple or family?

Even though the program's focus is individual development, people often call this experience the best team-building experience they have ever had. The team can be your marriage, your family, or a corporate team. Going through this program significantly deepens trust helps clear the air related to recurrent team member conflicts since Saboteurs mostly generate them. It gives the entire team a common framework for helping each other grow, making decisions, responding to setbacks, and managing conflicting styles and agendas.

Is this for women only?

Even though I attract a lot of women clients. This course is for women, men, non-binary, trans. This course is suitable for all.

Are payment plans available?

Absolutely. We are offering monthly installments. You will be able to choose the most suitable investment. All the power is in your hands!

What if I have more questions?

Sure! Email our team at, and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.


This program is about unleashing the fearless, unstoppable you. Through this, you can bring out the person you always knew you were destined to be. In addition, it has successfully provided soft skills that help prevent burnout, breakdowns, depression, and other disabling emotional and mental states. So, If you're' ready to stop relying on the external world to heal you—join me and others as I guide you on how to come home and heal yourself with the truth of who you are.

It's about FASTER RESULTS in less time.

Keep in mind that this is NOT your practice life.

This is your story, your legacy. Just like the programming from your childhood, how you show up now impacts FUTURE GENERATIONS.

So, are you ready to get out of your way by owning your shame, guilt, fear, and doubts?

You're reading this for a reason—if you needed one more sign that this is not only the time but the work for you—this is it. If you are ready to awaken your Truest Potential and Manifest your Wildest Dreams with Confidence.

Remember, It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you. Time to break free and, TO HEAL AT THE ROOT!

I am ready to make SHIFT happen!


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